High School Ethics Bowl at UCSB

The UC Humanities Research Institute Awarded UCSB, in collaboration with UCSC, a $30,000 Engaging Humanities Grant for our project entitled “Ethics Bowl as a Platform for Educational Advancement.”

The first Santa Barbara Regional Invitational was held in May 2019 and received additional support from the UCSB Student Initiated Projects Grant, as well as the Marc Sanders Foundation MAP-NHSEB Scholarship Program. The proposal was co-authored by Jonathan Ellis, Director of the UCSC Center for Public Philosophy, and Tom Holden, former Department Chair at UCSB, along with myself for the purpose of initiating High School Ethics Bowl in the Santa Barbara area, as well as supporting UCSC’s ongoing efforts.

HSEB 2019
UCSB High School Ethics Bowl Program Coordinators (Sherri Lynn Conklin – foreground & Alex LeBrun – background) consulting with the team from Alta Vista Quetzal Alternative High School (at table) and their undergraduate mentor (Katie Stammkirk – at table background) during debate prep.