Job Docs

On this page you will find online and downloadable PDF versions of documents prepared for the 2019-2020 academic job search.


  • Conklin, S., Artamonova, I., & Hassoun, N. “The State of the Discipline: New Data on Women Faculty in Philosophy.” Ergo.
    • Forthcoming
  • Wilhelm, I., Conklin, S., & Hassoun, N. (2017). “New Data on the Representation of Women in Philosophy Journals. Philosophical Studies, 175(6): 1441–1464.
  • Nelson, R., Reiss J. E.,Gong, X., Conklin, S., & Parker,L., & Palmer, S. E. (2014). “The Shape of a Hole is Perceived as the Shape of its Interior.” Perception, 43: 1033–1048.

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Student Evaluations

  • Summary of Evaluations
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  • Original Evaluation Reports (Sole Instructor)
  • Original Evaluation Reports (Teaching Assistant)

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