Permissible-Wrong Action at Cal Poly SLO

Through the generous support of the Cal Poly SLO Philosophy Department, I was recently invited to present my talk “The Possibility of Permissible-Wrong Doing” as a part of the Graduate Research Workshop Series.

In this paper, I defend both the possibility of Permissible-Wrong Actions [PWA] – actions that are morally permissible and nonetheless morally wrong – and the philosophical utility of recognizing this possibility. 

A draft of the paper is located on my Research page.

Photo courtesy of the Cal Poly SLO Philosophy Department

High School Ethics Bowl at UCSB

The UC Humanities Research Institute Awarded UCSB, in collaboration with UCSC, a $30,000 Engaging Humanities Grant (with Supplemental Graduate Student Funding) for our project entitled “Ethics Bowl as a Platform for Educational Advancement.”

The proposal was co-authored by Jonathan Ellis, Director of the UCSC Center for Public Philosophy, and Tom Holden, Department Chair at UCSB, along with myself for the purpose of initiating High School Ethics Bowl in the Santa Barbara area, as well as supporting UCSC’s ongoing efforts.

squad 1

UCSB’s Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team at Nationals.