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The State of the Discipline: New Data on Women Faculty in Philosophy

My co-authored paper: “The State of the Discipline: New Data on Women Faculty in Philosophy” has been accepted for publication at Ergo and is now forthcoming. This research is a part of the Demographics in Philosophy

You can find out more information about our recent work on my website.

This figure depicts the percent of women philosophy faculty at PGR Top-20 Programs, PGR Ranked Programs, Non-PGR Programs, and All Programs in 2004, 2006, 2008, 20102011, and 2015.

Abstract: This paper presents data on the representation of women at 98 philosophy departments in the United States, which were ranked by the Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR) in 2015 as well as all of those schools on which data from 2004 exist. The paper makes four points in providing an overview of the state of the field. First, all programs reveal a statistically significant increase in the percent women tenured/tenure track faculty, since 2004. Second, out of the 98 U.S. philosophy departments selected for evaluation by Julie Van Camp in 2004, none in 2015 has 50% women philosophy faculty overall, while only one has 50% women who are tenured/tenure track. Third, as of 2015, there is a clear pyramidal shape to the discipline: Women are better represented as Assistant than Associate and Associate than Full professors. Fourth, women philosophy faculty, especially those who are tenured/tenure track, are better represented at Non-PGR ranked programs than at PGR ranked and PGR Top-20 programs.

Citation: Conklin, S., Artamonova, I., & Hassoun, N. “The State of the Discipline: New Data on Women Faculty in Philosophy.” Ergo, 30.


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